ALG-AD : Protein rich fusion in biogas sector

The challenge

Agriculture intensive areas across North West Europe generates huge quantities of nutrient rich digestate after anaerobic digestion (AD) of food and farm wastes. The digestate with excess nutrients previously applied on land as fertilizer cannot be used in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones which potentially cause eutrophication. A green technology is necessary to remove excess nutrients and improve sustainable agriculture.

The solution

Production of protein rich fusion of algal biomass and edible (bio)flocculants for animal feed application with simultaneous remediation of excess nutrients in Nitrate vulnerable zones across North East Europe. The solution is based on the technological cascading of algal (ALG), anaerobic digestion (AD) and bioflocculation bioprocesses.


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ALG-AD : Protein rich fusion in biogas sector


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Jai Sankar Seelam