Committee of Recommendation

Arthur Mol
Rector Magnificus WUR
Sebastiaan Berendse
Corporate Director Value Creation WUR
Jeroen Dijsselbloem
Former Minister of Finance, alumnus WUR
Loes Hulshof
Operational Director The Vegetarian Butcher/Unilever, alumna WUR
Alexander Mathys
Assistant Professor, Sustainable Food Processing Laboratory, ETH Zurich

Steering Group

Arnold Bregt
Dean of Education WUR
Rio Pals
Coordinator Student Challenges WUR
Astrid Hendriksen
Programme Director BSc Honours Programme WUR
Gerlinde van Vilsteren
Project Manager Corporate Value Creation WUR
Atze Jan van der Groot
Professor of Protein Structuring and Sustainability WUR
Sonja Isken
Programme director Biotechnology WUR
Jolien Verweij
Master Thesis project in Plant Physiology WUR
Luc Lebens
Management Soapbox B.V.

Working Group

Marta Eggers
Project Coordinator Student Challenges WUR
Ilona Meurs
Assistant Chairgroup Food Process Engineering WUR
Lino Thewissen
Project Manager, Soapbox B.V.
Rik Hendriks
Project Coordinator, Soapbox B.V.