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The challenge

Problem 1: Unsufficient protein consumption There are already tons of protein pulver products on the market. The problem is that those products are inconvenient: 1) most are diary-based and excluded for vegans, 2) majority of people reject supplements 3) due to the need of other ingredients to prepare it with Problem 2: Plastic tableware waste There are tons of single-use tableware on the market, mostly plastics. Those products are filling our landfills and often end up trashed in nature, polluting our environment and also affecting our health. Whole plastic islands and towers build up in our oceans and micro-plastics are found everywhere, even in our bloodstream.

The solution

My solution is edible tableware made out of hemp protein. Why hemp protein? The product has to be plant-based and edible. This ensures accessibility to everyone. Besides, growing plants has a lower impact on our climate and land than livestock. In particular, the diary industry has a huge ecological foot print. Hemp seeds have one of the highest protein contents in seeds and contain all the essential amino acids for us. In addition, the rising cbd trend entailed an increased demand in hemp products. Hemp protein is a byproduct of the oil pressing, won by sieving the left-over press cake. Why spoons? Spoons are the most needed among tableware. Every dish and drink can be eaten with them. Making them edible adds another function. Spoons would not only help handling food but be snacks themselves. The vision is to offer a full set of cutlery in the future.



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