Pork Skin Jelly Products With Soybean Dregs

The challenge

Nowadays, we are facing the problem of lack of protein intake by humans. Protein is the basic substance of human body and has good effects on biological functions. We have to intake enough proteins per day to keep them working normally. However, due to low efficiency of processing proteins and imbalance of distribution of protein, some people may not have enough intake of proteins. Thus, we have to find a way to create a high-protein food to compensate for it. Besides, after extracting oil, many soybeans will just be used as cattle feed. But soybeans are good source of protein. So, if we can utilize the protein sources properly, then we can directly improve the human protein consumption.

The solution

Our idea comes from a traditional dish in China called Pork Skin Jelly. It is made from pork skin and has high protein content. In addition to this rich protein source, our plan is to add soybean in this food material to make it rich in protein that will be highly palatable. When making this new product, we'll use water to boil pork skin and make it into a jelly form. Then we remove the unwanted part by chromatography and cool it to form a clear jelly. Then we will add soybean dregs to enhance the appeal and palatability. This product will be highly useful for places where food availability is low. We believe this protein rich food will make people consume readily and thereby help improve the human protein intake.



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Pork Skin Jelly Products With Soybean Dregs


Team info

Shuyi Peng
Jingyuan Li