The challenge

FAO predicts global meat production to increase in the coming decades and approximately 1/3rd of the crop production is dedicated to formulating animal feed. Pork being the most consumed meat production worldwide, requires large amounts of feedstuff to meet the demands in future. Principle protein source used currently in pig feed is soybean meal. Extensive land use makes soybean production unsustainable and raising concerns regarding its supply in future demands for alternative protein sources.

The solution

Luckily, despite the growing problem of extensive land usage can be combated with the product that we have to offer. In order to reduce soybean meal utilisation as animal feed, our idea focuses on using active dried yeast and micro algae Spirulina as protein source alternatives. High protein content makes it suitable for pig feed. Low land use and lesser greenhouse gas emissions during its production makes it more sustainable than soybean meal. Our project will be set up in Spain since it is one of the major producers of olive oil in the world. The production process of olive oil has severe negative environmental impacts. We will use the by products and the processing waste as substrates for the growth of the microbes for use in our product. Therefore, we will also help reduce the environmental impacts of olive oil processing. Spain is a suitable location due to the moderate climatic conditions and ample sunlight which enhances the production. Thus,we have a one-stop solution to combat multiple environmental issues.


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Himani Kaushal
Saisha Patel
Shiv Vasa
Asmita Dubey